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We live and work in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I work for the Saudi Oil Company ARAMCO as a petrophysicist however recently I am working on developing immersive Virtual Reality applications for training.

My wife Deb Deb the Choir director for the Manama Singers. She used to be the choir director at the local high school located in the American consulate.

The Aramco community was set up back in the 1930's for expatriates working for Aramco. The Aramco camp is like living in a small town in the states. At one time the Aramco camp (Dhahran) was completely self contained because there were no facilities outside. It has a hospital, school, grocery store, dining hall, movie theatre, etc. and is really a mini-town. This was all built by necessity years ago when the only things outside of Aramco were date trees and Bedouins. Now, the area (Khobar and Dammam) is much more developed with shopping centers, malls, highways, etc.